Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frugal Puget Sound Adventures - today the Library!!!

I'm all excited about trying out new adventures that are inexpensive (or better yet, free), playing tourist and exploring what the local world has to offer. I know it's kind of odd, but I think this sounds like fun! I like these types of adventures. Like the days when you are to limit use of electricity or no TV or things like that. I love these "get of the rut" kind of events.

Today's adventure was the local public library. Yes, I know. The library! It had been a really long time since I'd been to the library. We went to the Kent Regional library. It was awesome! Lots of people and computers and readers in every corner of the place. Got my library card and was set to roll!!

I found out that I could actually borrow a book for my Kindle, keep it for 20 days or so, and then it's automatically returned. I downloaded an ebook, for free! I choose a book that blended local (Seattle) and urban nature. Crow Planet- Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness [Kindle Edition] I studied birds / literature back in college. Clearly that left an impression! The ebook ended up on my tablet instead of Kindle, but that's OK. I can use the Kindle reader there too and it will be fun to give reading books there a try. Here's the link for ebooks. This will be great! And I can maintain this from home (borrow, return).

Of course, I can't go to the library and not get a real book. I borrowed a couple of cookbooks. I've been enjoying cooking a lot lately!! Lidia's Italian Table and The Scandinavian Cookbook. So I'll explore and hopefully find a recipe or two to try.

I think it would be fun to plan a few hours of just cruising books during some rainy Saturday. Fall is coming! Sounds like a great plan. And we have to go return books in 4 weeks anyway ;-)

This promises to be a fun new adventure!!! I'll share my other "Frugal Adventures". Maybe they'll spark some idea or thoughts for you too. Enjoy!!

Great day!!