Sunday, January 04, 2009

This is Seattle Weather?

OK, this is just amazing!  The snow had just about vanished from the last storm and here we go again.  It’s 6pm and the snow is coming down and sticking to roads and sidewalks for the past hour or so.  We have an inch of snow so far.  This is Seattle, we do not do snow.  We do rain and grey clouds.  Long stretches of rain and grey clouds.  Grey boring (but makes everything green and fresh).  We usually have a couple weeks in mid-January were it gets pretty cold.  We’ve already had very cold weather, before the official start of winter, and now it’s snowing again.  The weather man says it will melt by midnight.  Yea, right.  The time to worry the most is when the weather man says “no snow”.   The temperature now is 32.5, dropped about 4 degrees in the last couple of hours.  If it really warms up in the middle of the night, I’ll be surprised, but it could happen. 

We have a slight hill in front of our house, and it’s funny to watch drivers try to judge their speed to get up the hill when it’s icy.  Already that’s started.  Time for getting hot chocolate and wrap up in a fleece blanket.  Then sit on the coach and laugh.  Until tomorrow, when I have to be one of the ones venturing out, trying to get to work. 

Think “warming trend”.


Tech & Creativity Combined

OK, I’m not sure if it’s full “creativity” or not (I have no doubt every tech person on the planet has an opinion), but I’ve spent today figuring out how to share my “big, fun scary” goals.  And, ta da, it’s via a website.  OK, not a big surprise there.  I used “Google Sites” ( which was great for us “non HTML literate” people, especially, like me, where I don’t really want to learn to code any more.  Learned enough to be dangerous and now have a new website that helps me keep an eye on what’s important to me through-out this coming year easily and all in one place.  And the best part is:  I can actually maintain it and keep it current without elaborate tech knowledge or having to have my husband support changes…  Very cool.  So here’s my new website: and I’ve added it as a link to my blog too, under links.  Ohhh, how much more connected can I get?  I’ve started to add some Picasa albums to share my creativity via photos.  I did a lot of creative things this past year and I wish I had photographed everything I made, just as a reminder of things I’ve done.  There’s a lesson learned for me.  Ah well.  Anyway…  And I’ll just keep adding content as my mood allows…  My tech guy husband created a calendar for sharing events with friends so we can plan things to do.  So I’m well on my way to having reminders of my goals and share the adventure!


Tomorrow is “back to work” day.  I’ve been off work for the past couple of weeks and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously.  But back for a day, then traveling to Dallas for business.  Dallas in January can be risky, so we’ll hope the weather holds up.


Take care.



Thursday, January 01, 2009

And so it begins

Here's to the first day of 2009. And may the year go a bit smoother and calmer than 2008!

The start of the year for us was totally uneventful. I couldn't even keep my eyes open to midnight, so we toddled off to bed with bowls of popcorn and watched TV (sort of, in between times of "resting my eyes") until midnight. Then we watched the fire works, all cuddled up, shot off from the Seattle Space Needle. So I kind of made it to watch the New Year roll in. kind of. But it's definitely my style and I'm OK with being an "early to bed, early to rise / farmer girl" type.

It's said that what you do on the first day of the new year is what you'll do for the rest of the year. So I've started off the day blogging, so that's a good start. I plan on going to Michael's Craft store for their New Year's Day sale, always a welcome event! It's time to dismantle the Christmas decorations (even though I just love the lights) and put our home back to regular dis-order, so that's another plan for today. And, last but not least, we have a new chicken recipe that we're going to try for dinner. All in all, if this is what I do for the rest of the year, I'll be a happy girl!

Hopefully, as I said, 2009 is a bit smoother than 2008. Big things, like war and economy and weather. Little things, like the refrigerator. There has always been the fundamental question: how do you know the refrigerator light goes off? Now we know, it doesn't. My husband wanted one of the chocolate / Fiber One / Mini-marshmallow candies (may sound weird, but it's two WW points and anything covered in chocolate at 2 points is GREAT!), which were stored on the top shelf of the refrigerator. The chocolate was all melted. Turns out the refrigerator light switch went funky and the light stayed on. This kept the refrigerator running and it was warming up (not a good thing!). Fortunately we discovered that yesterday and not today, so it's repaired and it's back to being cold where it's supposed to be cold....

Enjoy your day, hopefully spent with those who are important to you. Take care. Do today what you want to do with the rest of the year.